3 Core Problems New Coaches Typically Face

3 Core Problems New Coaches Typically Face

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Having spoken to over 100 coaches, many new coaches seem to have a common problem which is: How to Get More Paying Clients. It’s one of the most difficult challenges new coaches face especially when they’re just starting out, and sometimes this frustration becomes the #1 reason why these new coaches quit before they even get their first paycheck.


Just how do we solve this age-old problem that is depriving coaches of opportunities to earn and make a name for themselves? I’ve read countless write-ups and watched tons of vlogs and webinars offering fancy marketing strategies on how to get those paying clients but none of them really actually offered an effective solution to the problem. That’s when I thought, maybe there’s more to this than simply asking how to get paying clients?


And it hit me that before you can solve it, you must first dive deep and understand it, that you must first find its core. When we’re able to find the fundamental cause of a problem and we’re able to understand the basics, things get clearer and we’re able to find solutions most suited to the situation.


Going back to the topic on how to get more paying clients, I realized how valuable it is to get into the details and break things down into more compact and detailed elements. That’s how I finally resolved my problem when I was just starting out in this business and that’s what I’m going to share with you in this blog post.


So, after speaking with a number of coaches and learning from their experience as well as mine, I was able to break down the main problem into three core problems:


  1. Sales conversion

How do you turn a prospect into a paying client?


Often, coaches struggle with selling their services or other offerings that it becomes the main reason why they’re not able to convert prospects into clients.


And before offering solutions to get them those paying clients they’ve always wanted, it is worth discussing where could the problem be? Is it to do with the type of services or products coaches are offering? Or is it with their ability to sell?



  1. Marketing and Branding

on target- clara chung client attraction coach


What do you say in your marketing materials?

Who’s your target audience?

What’s your message?

What language should you use?

How do you position yourself?

How do you want to be perceived by your prospects and clients?


You need to be clear on your marketing message before your clients understand what you do and get you as a coach. People buy from people they know, like and trust. The clearer you are about what you’re offering to the marketplace, the clearer your clients become.


So you need to be able to recognize what marketing and branding challenges you’re facing in order to overcome them.

“People buy from people they know, like and trust”


  1. Having the Right System and Strategies in Place


Do you have the right business strategies and system in place?

Is your marketing funnel in sync or is it sinking?

Do you have a marketing funnel in place?

A great strategy starts with a plan which includes your vision, end goals and objectives. Is your plan more than enough to create a strategic framework that will set up your business for overall success?



My Pro Tip: Meet them where they’re at.

connect with clients - Clara Chung Client Attraction Coach


Instead of creating a brand new conversation with your prospects, you’ve got to join the conversation that’s already happening in their heads.


Relatability goes a long way. If we show these prospects that we understand where they’re coming from, and we understand their pain points and frustrations and aspirations better than they do, and sincerely offer them something that they’ll benefit from, they’ll feel valued and be grateful for what we’re doing for them.


Say for example, if you’re in the health space. If someone struggles to lose weight, you as a holistic health coach and nutrition expert may spot what is wrong right away and know exactly what your prospect needs to fix.


You, as an expert, may quickly identify that they need to move away from highly-processed ‘diet’ snacks that come readily available from their local supermarket, stay away from “low fat” (i.e. high sugar) processed meals and start adopting a nutritious, real foods diet.


But to really lose weight for good, you think the real solution is to stop calorie-counting once and for all, start eating nourishing wholefoods and start practicing self-love.


Except… your prospect just isn’t ready for that conversation yet!


Right now, all she’s thinking about is “OMG look at the size of my thighs… someone just give me a diet pill that works!”.

So you as the expert need to meet them where they’re at.

Join the conversation that’s already in their head.


Opening up a whole new conversation might only overwhelm them and add burden to their already challenging lives. They’d probably be hesitant and doubt our intentions because you just added confusion in their lives.


Whereas when we educate them about their current struggles and worries, they’ll be thankful, trust us and feel that we might just be the right person to help them with their struggles. When they believe in us, like our approach, and they’re ready for change, they’re much more likely going to choose to work with us.


If we educate prospects not only about the things they need to know and learn about, but also why these solutions are exactly what they need, they’d feel our genuine intentions of helping them and realize we’re the right coach for them simply because we know precisely how to help them. Because we just showed them we understand their pains and frustrations better than they do.


Offering them insightful and personalized information whether through articles, journals, videos or audio recordings, can build a strong and long-lasting relationship.



So coaches, here’s my challenge to you. Let’s go back to your existing marketing campaigns and from there, make a list of all the areas where you think you can still tighten and improve your message, keeping in mind everything that you’ve learned from this blog. I’d love to know what you’ve found so that we can all learn from each other.


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