Just 18 Months Ago I Felt Like A Total Failure…

I was working as an analyst for a large international investment consulting firm. On the outside, it looked like I had the perfect life - a high-paying job at a prestigious firm, engaged to a handsome, loving man who spoiled me, a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes.... But on the inside, I felt empty and unfulfilled.

No matter how hard I tried, I felt I was in the wrong place. Despite being well-liked amongst colleagues, I felt I didn't fit into the mould of being a financial analyst. I felt like an utter failure.

Everything I did wasn't aligned with my strengths or led to a greater sense of purpose. Needless to say, I was not doing what I loved.

Analysis and excel spreadsheets was the order of the day, but developing people was more of my forte.

Every morning, I used to hate the sound of my alarm clock. I would continuously hit ‘snooze’ just so I could escape my dreaded reality for another 5 minutes.

Whenever miserable thoughts surfaced, my inner critic would shove them back down quicker than you could say 'soul destroying'. I thought whipping myself into other people's definition of 'success' was the key to happiness.

During that time, I felt increasingly numb to my feelings, my surroundings, my true north...

The truth was, I was moving further and further away from who I truly was – a natural mentor, a creative, an entrepreneur...

I believe everyone has talents and to truly stand out in life, we must play to our strengths.

I resented the idea of performance measurement. The notion that we must all be pitted against one another. Our self-worth defined on a scale of 1 to 5 in some standardized measure, as if our talents and gifts can all be objectively measured.

Instead of focusing on bringing out each person’s unique strengths, we were told to “fix this” and “change that” (translation: change who you are to become more like everyone else).

It became increasingly clear that I was a bad fit. I WAS different, and actually, NO. I don't want to fix my flaws, just so I could become more like everybody else.

My heart felt increasingly heavy, like an unexplainable force permanently sitting on my chest. When I was pushed to the brink, I finally heard my neglected inner-self scream. That's when I finally realized I couldn't take it anymore. That's when I decided to walk out of my 10-year career and swore to never return.

Let's Create Your Purpose-Driven Biz
Clara Chung Business Coach-42-Sydney

I wanted to encourage growth, inspire change, and nurture transformation.

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Instead of trying to fit into another template, this time, I needed to rethink my approach. I decided to design a business around my strengths, my beliefs and what I stood for.

It took me over a year to complete my coaching certification and then another six months to really get clear on how I wanted to do this. I was a creative, so ideas were not something I was short of!

I wanted to do health coaching! Career coaching! Life coaching! Transformational coaching! Business coaching! Mindset coaching! Strengths coaching! No, no wait… business coaching!!

I was jumping from idea to idea like a hyperactive child on too much sugar.

Underneath this illusion of confidence was a girl who was really, really scared.

Scared of committing to ONE idea. Scared of putting myself out there. Scared of finally stepping into my own power. Afraid of judgment. Fearful of haters...

Maybe I’m not good enough, not qualified enough, I don’t have enough experience… Maybe I should just forget about all of this and get back into my pigeon hole (aka corporate cubicle)...

My self-belief wavered at times. The voice of my saboteurs were strong.

That’s when I decided to change my mindset in order to succeed in this game called business.

Let's Start Your Purpose-Driven Biz

That's when I also realized what I spent most of my downtime learning, thinking, and talking about all held clues about my true calling.

Since then, there were a few more lightbulb moments that kick-started me onto my current trajectory:

• We don’t have to choose one part of us over another. Embrace it ALL. Find a way to combine all your gifts in one package. For example, I don’t have to just choose business coaching or strengths coaching or mindset coaching. They can ALL be part of my unique offering.

• Always lead with our strengths. Until we learn to lean into our talents and go all-in, it’s difficult to honour who we really are, or even stand out for that matter.

• Fear is a biatch! Our minds can always come up with a million reasons why we shouldn’t do this or try that because change is scary and our mind just wants to protect us. But clarity comes from doing, not from overthinking.

• Our struggles determine our success. Without our own trials (which is often painful or humiliating), it is impossible to help someone else transform.

• Today, my definition of success takes on a whole new meaning. It's no longer about financial success or status, but rather, success now means being able to meaningfully contribute to someone's quality of life.

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Coaches, you have a unique gift you need to share with this world.

My mission is to help health coaches and wellness practitioners, just like you, harness your strengths, articulate your authentic story, and bust through your own fears so you can stand out in the crowd and ATTRACT IDEAL CLIENTS you love serving the most!

You’ve got a dream, so let me help you make it a reality.

Let's Start Your Purpose-Driven Biz

I have enjoyed working with Clara as her personal development coach since July 2016. It had been a privilege to watch Clara evolve as a listener and as a person. An example of Clara’s personal integrity is that she has tackled the tough issues we identified in our coaching sessions. She has been willing to engage in conversations that required tremendous courage. She has pursued her dreams, even in the face of opposition. Clara embodies the tenacity and motivation anyone would look for in a coach. She enjoys people and has educated herself across a range of skills.


–Kathy C, Personal Development Coach

Sydney, Australia