Are You Currently Struggling as a Coach?

Struggling to find paying clients and be a full-time coach?

Struggling to find your niche and build your personal brand?

Struggling to find clarity, focus and do your best work in flow?

Are You Ready To Stop Struggling and Start Living Your Dream Life?

Are you ready to stop wasting precious time and energy and get your creative mind focused on your priorities?

Are you ready to stop telling yourself "I DON'T KNOW HOW" and start turning challenges into opportunities?

Are you ready to build an authentic brand that uniquely defines you, that speaks to your dream clients and paves your road to more time and financial freedom?

It's Time to Take Charge of Your Destiny

Stand out. Change lives. Make an impact.

Turn your vision into reality because that’s your purpose.

Picture yourself:

• Waking up every day feeling a massive sense of purpose, making a living doing what you love most

• Finally escaping your meaningless corporate prison that’s robbing you of living your true purpose

• Finally building a brand that reflects the real you, attracts your dream clients, and your clients just gets you

• Finally seeing your vision with so much clarity you can make decisions you can truly commit to

• Successfully running your own business on your own terms, in your own style

• Living a stress-free lifestyle of freedom and independence, the way you’ve always wanted

• Flying anywhere in the world, anytime, knowing you could work anywhere with just a laptop and connection

• Fully booked with discovery calls that convert into paying clients

• Having a list of clients all clamouring to work with you and only YOU

• Finally being seen and getting the recognition you deserve for the meaningful work you do

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My fail-proof signature program is designed to give you the proven steps to help you move from overwhelm to focus, from generalist to specialist, so you could prosper from your purpose!

Why Should You Trust Me?

Clara Chung Business Coach-42-Sydney

I was miserable with my corporate job despite having ‘everything’.

For 10 long years, I’ve worked sweat and tears in the prestigious investments industry. On the outside I looked 'accomplished', but on the inside, I felt empty. I felt like an utter failure. I was pretending to be someone I'm not, and I struggled to fit into a mould that just wasn’t me. I was extremely disconnected from my soul.

I was in the wrong field, doing the wrong thing.

Everything that I did was met with a lot of resistance. Everyday, I woke up feeling trapped. I hated the sound of my alarm. Every morning, I used to violently smash that poor little snooze button repeatedly, just to delay facing my reality even for a few minutes. I dreaded going to work but I kept pushing and pushing because if I quit, that meant admitting defeat. My inner critic pushed me to keep going because I was too scared to fail and be judged by others.

Stop living a life defined by other people's expectations.

It's Time to Start Living Your Purpose.

Clara Chung Business Coach-40-Sydney

In my first 4 months of business, I managed to sign ONLY 1 paying client (one!!!) and barely made 3 figures. It was so disheartening that I almost wanted to throw in the towel.

The problem was, I had too many ideas.

I thought I could figure out everything on my own. I ended up wasting months of precious time and effort all because I had no clarity. I went around in circles doing things that didn’t really matter because I had no strategic direction.

When I finally got clear about my vision and my purpose, everything changed…

• I stopped overthinking and only committed to THE ONE idea
• I started living in flow and attracted paying clients effortlessly
• I started getting opportunities everywhere and learned to turn challenges into opportunities as well
I stopped wasting precious time because I finally knew what to focus on and what direction to take
• I stopped subscribing to a million different freebies from gurus, watching countless webinars and only focused on what mattered
• I got clarity on my vision and my core values
I felt fulfilled every time I was able to meaningfully contribute to someone else’s life

Clara Chung business strategist and coach for health coaches

Once You See Your Vision With Clarity, Everything Else Just Falls Into Place...

It doesn’t matter if you are:

A brand new coach who feels overwhelmed by all the business how-to’s, confused by all the advice out there, and couldn’t quite figure out what to do first

A skilled coach who’s struggling to market yourself as a stand out brand because the business side of things intimidate you

A shy coach who worries about what others will think of you, so you end up playing it small instead of being bold, getting seen and getting your message across with impact

A side-hustler who's ready to break free from your soul-destroying pinstripe prison, and transition into a full-time coach, and live a freedom-based lifestyle YOUR way

Been there, done that, so I get you!

After Frazzled to Fully Booked YOU'LL HAVE:

Clear-cut marketing strategies that will bring in paying clients ASAP!

Zero checklist overwhelm on your million to-do lists and 100% focus on what truly matters in your business

• A calendar full of excited prospects all waiting to work with you, with their credit card in hand

• A well-defined niche, target market and ideal clients so your ideal clients can find you

• A standout brand that’s authentically you, creates meaningful connections, and builds trust and long-term relationships

• The right systems and processes in place so you’re ready for a massive take-off

Sell-out services priced and packaged to fit your clients’ unique needs

A high-value business model that’s built on your unique business DNA

Fear mastery so you can ditch your fears, overcome limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, and gain unshakeable confidence to finally stop playing small

Crystal clear vision and clarity on your core values so you can have a clear action plan

• A life of financial, location and time freedom like you've always envisioned!

Clara Chung business strategy coach -98-Prosper Through Purpose

Right now, you’re doing everything you can to try and create a thriving business.

You’ve written, re-written, scratched out and ditched multiple Ideal Client Avatar worksheets already, and would gag if you had to do another ICA worksheet ever again.

You’ve squeezed in time to listen to heaps of podcasts between walking your dog, driving, or ironing your clothes. You’ve attended more webinars and free workshops than you would like to admit. All in the hope that one guru would say one thing that would change your entire world.

You’ve subscribed to thousands of opt-in freebies from experts who give well-meaning but conflicting advice because after all, every business is different.

Despite all your efforts, you’re still stuck in start-up phase!

You’re worried, you second-guess yourself, questioning if you’re still on the right path. You’re not making progress. You wonder what went wrong, or whether you’re ever going to jail-break out of start-up land.

But it's not your fault.

You just can’t see a clear path yet!

Right now, you’re in a lot of pain – bumped your head and scuffed your knees along the way. You’re fumbling in the dark, wondering if you could ever figure out a way past this long, dark and murky road on your own. You think to yourself - if only…

If only what, my friend?

If only you had: More time? More money? More resources? More knowledge? More guidance? More paying clients?

You thought you’d be making it rain by now because you've worked so hard, but nothing seems to be happening. You gained nothing apart from a few half filled workbooks, and lost more – time, money and missed opportunities. Something is obviously missing!

Truth is, you CAN’T figure it out all on your own!

Trust me, You Don’t Need Another DIY Method! If you knew what to do and what the next best steps to take are, then you wouldn’t be stuck here right now, in your rut.

Stop trying to figure things out on your own and start moving your business forward by asking for help.

Stop wasting your precious time listening to all this free advice that’s too generic and doesn’t really apply to your business.

Stop thinking that you need to start making money in your business before you’re allowed to seek expert business advice.

There is no prize for toughing it out alone, so who are you trying to prove?

I know because I’ve been there myself. I’ve spent a crazy amount of time and fortune investing in myself, constantly learning, rethinking my strategy, and trying to figure out all the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Wouldn’t you rather take the shortcut to business success and avoid all the same rookie mistakes that I've made?

I would hate to see you waste more time, more money, more resources and miss more opportunities all because you want to save a couple of bucks. As one action-taker to another, I hate to see you at a business standstill.

What you need is crystal clarity, laser focus, and a concrete roadmap to business success.

I’d love to share with you the roadmap to success with proven, clear-cut steps on:

Vision Clarity + Authentic Brand Story + Fear Mastery

The sooner you get clear on what to do (and pitfalls to avoid), the sooner you could stop being in pain and start enjoying pleasurable success.

Do less. Accomplish more.

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Sure, there are a lot of coaching programs out there…BUT I truly believe Frazzled to Fully Booked is not your average coaching program.

In a sea of coaches who offer the same old promises and solutions, here's what you get from me…

My undivided attention and unique perspective to you and your business.

Nowhere in the world will you ever find a business strategy coach, personal branding expert, marketing consultant, strengths mentor, psychologist, cheerleader and accountability partner

all rolled into one

The best thing is, I’ve invested over $30k in myself learning from the best of the best, so you don’t have to!

I've learned, tried and tested everything. I've distilled it down to the best strategies and I only give you the best.

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Free assessments by application only. Limited Spots Available.

I wish I could turn back lost time and did things the easy way.


Tried to do everything myself, thinking I could save myself a few bucks along the way because “I can’t afford it”.
Wasted too much time and effort spinning my tires and not getting very far, because I had no clarity around what I wanted, so my efforts were unfocused.
• I was stuck, confused and overwhelmed by all the things on my business to-do list when in reality, I navigated my way around blindfolded.
• For months, I was at a business standstill, with no real progress and did ZERO prospect calls because I wasn’t clear about what I was offering.

Clara Chung Business Strategy Coach -95- Prosper Through Purpose

Here's what you'll get:

12 weeks of live support where we catch up on a WEEKLY basis

12 live calls over Skype or Zoom, just you, me and my undivided attention

9 modules + 1 bonus of workbooks with worksheets and reflective exercises so you could really dig deep and get clear on your business direction

12 goal setting logs so you could focus on your priorities and hold yourself accountable

Weekly ‘surprise’ check-ins from me to ensure you’re on track

Unlimited email support for 12 weeks + 4 bonus weeks of post-program support (during office hours) to help you get unstuck so you could get back on track ASAP

Lifetime access to The Vault – an exclusive stockpile of how-to videos and templates as it relates to sales, marketing, copywriting and tech setup (coming soon)

Exclusive Private Facebook Group where you could connect with like-minded coaches for extra support, and synergistic collaborations(coming soon)

Book a FREE 15-minute Business Assessment NOW

Free assessments by application only. Limited Spots Available.

Clara Chung - Prosper with your passion - laptop life

More details? No worries, I've got you covered:

Here’s the itinerary of your journey: My Signature 5-Step Process

Get grounded: reset your compass - prosper through purpose

Orientation: Get Recalibrated

• How to set yourself up for pleasurable success based on your core desires

How to be productive and manage your time well

• Review your daily habits

Change your mindset to abundance – ditch those thoughts of “but I’m poor”, “I have no money” or “I can’t afford this” once and for all because they’re the very thoughts that are currently keeping you stuck

Setup your business the right way using the right foundations

Step 1: Get Grounded - Prosper through purpose

Step 1: Get Clear

1. Get Clear on Your WHY: get clear on what your superpowers are, what you love, what you stand for, and why you want to do what you do, so we can create the right business that aligns with who you are

2. Get Clear On Your Business Model: choose the right business model that best fits YOU so you can create a business that allows you to excel effortlessly

3. Get Clear On Your Business Vision: KNOW what you business vision looks like so you know what pleasurable success looks like

4. Get Clear On Your 90-Day Goal: When we don't set goals we get side-tracked. Set your goal so that you know exactly what you need to FOCUS on for the next 90 days to ensure maximum success

Milestone 1: by the end of module 1, you should be crystal clear about your big WHY and what sort of business you want to create

get specific

Step 2: Get Specific - Claim Your Profitable Niche

1. Get Specific On Your Target Market: Get specific about who you want to help and why you want to help them. Understand what you have to offer, and how you can you can use your gifts to help them.

2. Get Specific About Your Transformation: Learn what your customers really want. Understand the psychology behind your customers' buying decision and focus on what your market actually wants , so can gain traction in your market segment as soon as possible, instead of launching to the sound of crickets.

3. Get Specific About Your Ideal Client: Get acquainted with your ideal client avatar so you could start attracting the right type of clients instead of talking to absolutely everybody, and their dogs. (p.s. I love dogs)

4. Get Specific About Your Profitable Niche: Know how to apply the 5 filter test for any profitable niche and the scientific method to test the validity of your profitable niche so you can be confident, knowing your niche is profitable. (Afterall, why waste valuable time working on low-return projects?)

Milestone 2: by the end of module 2, you should be able to say bye-bye to your confusion once and for all, and claim your profitable niche (that actually helps you get more business, not less) even if you don’t already have clients in your area of specialty. You should know how to apply the simple steps to scientifically validate your profitable niche, and understand why it’s so important to niche in.

BONUS MODULE: Get Fearless - Master Your Fears

Ditch your fears: Overcome niche resistance once and for all, so you could stop thinking you can help absolutely everyone, start focusing, and finally start living your purpose
Stop playing small, start playing big: ditch those limiting self-beliefs, fears of criticism, fears of being judged, and start spreading your authentic message because the world needs your gifts right now
You Are Enough: Bust those myths in your mind about why you're a fraud once and for all using my proven brain re-wiring technique.

Step 3: Get Packaged - Package Your Highest Work

1. Get Packaged On Your Offer: Give your offer a firm structure. Your clients buy RESULTS, they're not buying your time. So know what the correct way is to package your highest work so you can start to see replicable results across all your clients.

2. Get Packaged On Your Magnetic Brand: Get the proven formula on how to brand yourself the right way, so you can stand out in the crowded online space. Separate yourself as the go-to expert in your field and start commanding premium prices.

3. Get Packaged On Pricing: Want to know what's the 'right' price to charge for your packages? Get my no nonsense, pricing cheat sheet for coaches.

Milestone 3: By the end of module 3, you should have a solid idea on what you’re offering to the marketplace, what packages you offer and how much you price your services to your target market.

get seen

Step 4: Get Seen - Get Marketing and Start Promoting Your Services

1. Get Seen By Your Ideal Clients: Know the best strategies to get seen by your ideal clients, both online and offline. Understand what your high-payoff activities are so you know where to spend most of your time promoting your business. Know how to be seen as the subject matter expert in your field.

2. From Getting Seen to Getting Paid: Getting clients boils down to just 2 Things. Know what these 2 things are and how to apply them correctly, to start getting paying clients.

3. Get Seen Using These 5 Client Attraction Strategies That Work: Know the 5 most powerful client attraction strategies to use to start attracting clients. Apply these 5 proven methods correctly, and be on your way to building a profitable coaching practice.

Milestone 4: By the end of module 4, you should have some solid strategies on how to get in front of your marketplace and start promoting your services to them.

hand shake icon

Step 5: Get Clients - Get Your (First) Paying Clients as a Coach

1. Get Clients Without Getting Slimy: Break through your fears of selling as something that makes you nervous, uncomfortable and reserved for used-car salesmen. Instead, re-wire your sales mindset so that you can start selling with ease and confidence.

2. Get Clients With Ease: How to sell from the heart. I will guide you through, step-by-step, on how to sell confidently and authentically, without sounding arrogant or like a jerk.

3. Get Clients Without the Objections: Troubleshooting your sales calls. Know the 6 most common objections, and know how to overcome them when keen-but-weary-prospects ask you any one of these 6 most common objections.

BONUS: The Ultimate Get Clients Sales Script: use this well-scripted, tried-and-tested, done-for-you sales script to help you get sweat-free sales while staying authentic.

Milestone 5: by the end of Module 5 you should have all the tools you need to be able to convert your leads into paying clients

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Move from being an overwhelmed, overworked and struggling coach to finally living the life you’re meant to live TODAY

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Frazzled to Fully Booked is for you if:

You’re ready to receive A-Team Support: You’re sick and tired of trying to figure things out for yourself and finally ready to admit you can’t figure this out all on your own and you do need help. (Remember, there’s no prize given for toughing it out alone!)
You’re an action-taker: You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work to make your purpose-driven coaching business happen, like stat!
You’re committed: You're not an excuse maker, you take charge of your future and you’re ready to manifest your destiny through taking consistent action.
You’re open and willing to change: You’re ready to kick fear resistance to the curb once and for all.
You're ready to live in abundance: You’re ready to drop your scarcity mindset and stop telling yourself “I can’t afford this” and start living a life in abundance.

This special program is NOT for you if:

You’re a whiner and complainer: You think you just need more time, more money, more clients, more EXCUSES to figure this out all on your own. (Come back when you’re finally ready to change your life!)
You think life is unfair: If you’re still living with a victim mindset, and you think the reason you haven’t succeeded yet is because life is always hard and unfair
You’re a know-it-all: You think you know better, so you would rather drive our coaching conversations than to be open to new ideas or trust that my process will give you breakthroughs.
You believe success is not meant for you: You’re so skeptical of the process and you’re quick to judge “it won’t work” instead of doing the work.
You quit in the face of challenge: you’d rather walk away when things get tough instead of tackling problems face on.
You're only interested in making money: you don't care about giving back or contributing to the world in a much bigger way. You have no intentions of making a difference in other people's lives by helping others. You're purely in business to make a profit.

Clara Chung business coach -89-Prosper through purpose

Stop delaying your success. Your people needs you!

Clara Chung Business Coach-55-Prosper Through Purpose

Will You Choose the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Here’s the part where you get to choose your fate.

A. Blue Pill
Forget we even had this conversation. Go ahead and choose to continue DIY-ing because changing your ways is just too uncomfortable, time-consuming and difficult for you.


B. Red Pill
Accept the fact that you need expert help. Get the right support from the right person. Finally see your hard work pay off and start living a life of freedom and purpose the way you’ve always dreamed of.

If You're Ready to Transform Your Business, I'm Right Behind You!

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Imagine how amazing you'll feel when you finally have:

Financial freedom: wake up where you want (would it be Paris, Amalfi Coast or Bali?), when you want, because you can run your freedom-based business anywhere in the world?

Guilt-free spending means: You can finally stop feeling guilty every time you spend money, and actually start spoiling your loved ones because you’re finally debt-free from the Bank of Dad / spouse / partner / parents?

A booked-out business: Be an in-demand coach with a long waitlist of clients all lining up and excited to work with you?

A great sense of fulfillment: Wake up feeling fulfilled everyday knowing you get paid well whilst helping others, making an impact and changing lives?

A successful and highly profitable business: You’re proud to say you’re a successful business owner, instead of feeling sheepish or shy everytime someone asks what you do for a living, because you haven’t made any money yet?

More free time: to spend with your family, friends and loved ones without being bound to a desk or a fixed schedule dictated by someone else?

The power to use your unique gifts and talents to really make a difference in this world serving others, and have them thank you for it.

This is my pledge to you:

After Frazzled to Fully Booked, I promise you will get so much clarity around who you are, what your authentic brand story is, and what your brand stands for. You’ll become a different and better person. From where you’re at now, you’ll become everything that you are capable of becoming.

Your Calling Awaits, Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

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