From Camera Shy to Camera Ready: Ditch Your Fears and Make Your First Video in 5 Easy Steps

From Camera Shy to Camera Ready: Ditch Your Fears and Make Your First Video in 5 Easy Steps


Have you ever put off producing video content because you’re worried about what other people might think of you? You’re afraid to get judged or criticised, or you simply worry about sharing a content that you feel is ‘not good enough”?


Do you remember a time when you had lots to say but as soon as the spotlight is shone on you, you immediately froze, lost your mojo and forgot everything you were just about to say?


In the middle of making your video, you stutter, get tongue-tied or even break out in cold sweat?


Have you ever told yourself you’re just not ready for video yet? So instead of moving forward you just put it on the shelf and forever miss the chance of a lifetime to widen your reach and get heard?


In this blog, I will share with you my personal tips on how to overcome your fears and allow yourself to show up fully on your first video in 5 simple steps.


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You may have already heard if you’re already doing content marketing, video is one of the best converting mediums with the best engagement with your audience. Nowadays, attention span is short, so video has become one of the most preferred methods for your audience to consume content.


So whether you’re in the health and wellness industry, coaching, consulting or any type of business where personal branding plays an integral part of your business, you WILL need to show up online!


In other words, if your clients and prospects are on social media (which is everyone!) then you NEED to be on video too!


But having access to tech is NOT the real problem here.


Nowadays, most people have a smartphone so the actual ‘recording’ a video part of the process is not the hard part.


I have no doubts when your baby, your dog, or your cat does something funny, you won’t think twice before you whip out that phone and start recording that hilarious/cute/unmissable thing that he or she did. Am I right?


So if hitting the ‘record’ button is so easy, why aren’t more of us showing up on videos?


And that’s what I’m here to help you with.


Nowadays, most people have a smartphone so the actual ‘recording’ a video part of the process is not the hard part.


You know, this topic really hits close to home because this is the exact problem I have JUST overcome!


Since starting my business, I already knew video was one of those things that converted best. And yet, despite having access to great quality digital cameras, gadgets and a smartphone – the video ‘thing’ just didn’t happen… for 5 MONTHS to be exact!


It literally took me 5 months to muster up my courage to finally show up on my first video, and share with everyone what I know about business and marketing.


For months, I always told myself “I’m not ready yet”. And in fact, for the last 2 weeks leading up to making my first video, I felt an enormous amount of resistance. I know this, because suddenly everything is more interesting than finally sitting down and writing my first piece of content.


I constantly distracted myself with something else that was ‘important’ and ‘needed to be done straight away’ when in reality they are the most trivial and menial tasks.


It’s like back at school when you were studying for an exam, suddenly house chores or tidying your room became really interesting. Do you remember those days?


Truth is, resistance is your brain trying to protect you.


You’ve never done this before, so your brain is trying to protect you from getting hurt (in this case, emotionally). Your brain wants to protect you from looking silly, being criticized or judged by other people. Your brain’s just doing what it’s programmed to do – it’s to protect you from getting hurt by distracting you.


So how can we overcome our fears and show up on our first video?


Being fearless is much easier said than done, so I’ve broken it to 5 simple steps to help you show up on your first ever video.


The key is to break it down and start small, in bite-sized pieces.


Resistance is your brain trying to protect you.


Step 1: Understand What’s Behind Your Fears.


Check in with yourself, and understand why you’re having resistance, and where these fears are coming from? Is it because you’re afraid your family members would criticize you, or give you unsolicited ‘feedback’ you don’t really need to hear right now? Or maybe you’re worried your so-called ‘friends’ who will pry on you, gossip about you and snicker behind your back?


Whatever your fears are, bring them front of mind so you acknowledge them. It’s important you understand where your fears are coming from so you could powerfully deal with them head on.



Step 2: Silence Your Inner Critic.


This step is easier said than done, I know. It took me forever to silence those fearful thoughts, those perfectionist thoughts, and to some extent I still have jitters making a video!


But every time that negative voice in your head tells you “you can’t do it,” “you shouldn’t do it, because you’ll look like a fool” or whatever it is your fears tell you… you need to confront that voice face on. You must assure yourself that you won’t get hurt, you will never grow without trying new things, and those who want to trample all over you are irrelevant to your success.


As internet memes puts it so eloquently: “Haters gonna hate”.


And it’s important to understand that anything important you talk about is going to attract polarizing views. And not everyone will resonate with what you have to say, and that’s okay too.



Step 3: Find A Topic That Comes From Within.


Now, some of you may say “I have no idea what I want to talk about for my first video,” or “I’m stuck for ideas, help!”


That’s okay. I’d like you to think back to a recent conversation you had with a client, prospect or a friend where you used your expertise or industry knowledge to help them, where you shared a tip with them.


What was that tip? What was that conversation about?


That tip you gave, is probably a good place to start.



Step 4: Create content: Bullet Points Are Your Best Friends.


Now if I suddenly asked you to write a 1000-word essay right now, on the spot, you’ll probably freak out and have a mental blank.


However, if I asked you to jot down 10-15 dot points about what you want to say around that topic. It suddenly becomes a lot easier. Right?


So go ahead, and jot down 10-15 dot points you want to talk about, centred around this 1 tip you gave to your client, prospect or friend recently.


Remember to keep it to high-level dot points only at this stage. Otherwise you’re gonna feel overwhelmed!



Step 5: Lights, Camera, Action!


Go ahead and record your first video piece of content!


Yes, it’s probably going to be a little wobbly on your first go.


Your shoulders may feel stiff. Your throat might tighten up, your voice might tremble, your tone may inflect upwards at the end of every sentence so you sound like you’re constantly asking questions even though you’re not… And frankly, it’s probably gonna suck a little. But that’s okay too!


It’s your FIRST TIME!!!


The first time you do anything it’s probably gonna suck a little. Remember how you felt when you danced for the first time? Or when you first picked up a new instrument? Or driving a car for the first time? Did you feel a little uncomfortable? Simply because it was your first attempt?


When I was still freaking out two weeks ago, my mentor Kathy told me this: “How could you expect to do your perfect dance, if you’ve never danced before?”


As a dancer, those words really resonated with me.


The best news is, with filmless technology nowadays, you can simply hit record, and if you don’t like it… you can just delete it! You don’t have to post anything until you’re happy with it!


Remember, the goal here is not to create your perfect first take, but rather, to get you comfortable with the entire process.


Now I know some of you may think, “But what if I’m still freaked out, what do I do?” Or “What if I still have nothing good to share? What do I do?”


Well, if you’re still freaked out about the idea of showing up on videos. It’s okay! It’s totally normal! And I can assure you, you’re not alone here.


The key is to really break it down further and start small.


Maybe your fear comes from showing your face in front of the camera, and you have insecurities about how your face looks, your skin looks or your hair looks in front of the camera.


Whenever my insecurities play up, what I say to myself is simply this: “It’s not about you, at all. It’s about the people you help. Sharing these tips is going to benefit them. So you’ve got to share your tips! No more hiding!”


Remember where your resistance comes from and powerfully deal with them.


To get you into the habit of showing up, maybe you can start even smaller than that. Maybe experiment with Insta Stories or Facebook Stories. The best feature about that is, if you don’t like it, it’ll be gone in 24 hours! GONE!


And if you think you still don’t have any good tips to share? Of course you do!


You became a wellness expert because you’re passionate about health. So my guess is, you DO know what to say. You’ve got to give yourself more credit. You know way, way more than what you say you know.


Whenever you feel insecure about not knowing enough, I’d like you to think back to a time when someone asked you a question about your field of expertise, and you just nailed those questions! You just kept going and going, to the point you even surprised yourself about how much knowledge you know!


So maybe, if you’re still stuck, start with that.


Remember, your first attempt is not gonna be as polished as your 10th attempt, and when you do your 50th attempt, you’re gonna look back at how much you’ve improved since your 10th video.


So just keep going and know that your people need your help, your message, and your tips. So share it with them, and help them!


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Always remember, there is no dream too big or no goal too ambitious. Just believe that you can.




Keep on shining,


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Clara Chung is a Results Coach. She helps men and women get the success they want by getting out of their own way, and by overcoming their fears of putting themselves out there.

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