Playing Small Are For Shy Little Kids…

Dare to step into greatness. Do you want a freedom-based lifestyle that lets you do what you want when you want? Do you want to be financially independent and have all the nice things you deserve in life? Do you want a business that allows you to be in control of your own time? Imagine being your own boss. Imagine waking up each day feeling successful, like you’re making an impact by helping others. The possibilities are limitless.

Stop Playing Small. Start Living Big.

So what’s next after getting your health coaching certification? You know you want to make a difference, but you’re struggling to stand out and make an impact like you’ve always imagined. Right now, you’re caught between a rock and a hard place.

Maybe you’re struggling to attract enough paying clients to make your coaching dream sustainable? Maybe you’re starting to have doubts in your mind. With all those bills you have to pay, can you really make coaching your full-time profession? Can you really stand out in the crowded marketplace with so many other coaches out there competing against you for your prospect's attention?

Nothing seems to work despite trying lots of things and opting into hundreds of freebies that all give you different advice. Secretly, you’re scared. You ask yourself "Will I ever make it"? "Am I really cut out to be a wellness business owner"?

Turn Your Fears Into Fuel. Your A-Team is Right Behind You…

Clara business strategist to coaches

For Health Coaches and Wellness Practitioners

Business Strategy Coaching

Are you a health coach, wellness consultant, nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga instructor or health practitioner who's struggling to stand out online and attract more paying clients?

Get 1:1 Coaching support for 12-weeks with my individual attention to your purpose-driven biz.

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For Healthcare Professionals and Wellness Businesses

Business Strategy & Marketing Consulting

Are you a dedicated healthcare professional with a message to share?

We provide purpose-driven brand creation, ongoing business strategy consultation, advice and support, and done-for-you content marketing and ad management services.

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But There Are SOOO Many Business Strategy Coaches,

Why Pick Me?

Specialised Insight Into Health Coaching as a Business. I trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition for an entire year, so I have in-depth knowledge about the health space and I understand what you're trying to sell. I also have an International Health Coach (IAHC) certification, and I’m working towards my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with ICF.

Trained by Industry's Best Experts. I’ve invested my time and resources learning and working with some of the best in the industry like Marie Forleo, Benjamin Harvey from Authentic Education, Health Practitioner mentors Jordan and Steve from the Practitioners Liberation Project (PLP), Millionaire Consultant Sam Ovens, Millionaire Business Architect Luisa Zhou, Business Coach Daria Zest and many others.

Third-generation Business Whiz. Strong entrepreneurial genes run in my blood thanks to my business mentor, my father, a 30-year management consultant veteran, who taught me all the ropes of entrepreneurship since the age of four.

Multi-coaching Approach. My programs draw from a blend of different coaching disciplines from strengths coaching, life purpose and business coaching, to mindset mystery, so that by the end of the program, you can walk away knowing you have a business model that perfectly reflects your essence.

From Professional to Entrepreneur. I've done the whole high-profile corporate career 'thing' before, which means I know exactly what you’re going through. I know why you want to escape the corporate rat race to BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

A Natural Talent Developer. My top strengths include being a maximizer, being strategic, being empathetic, individualisation and communication. I am naturally attuned to developing your strengths and help you shine!

Multifaceted Approach to Mentorship. My nurturing, transformative, and in-the-moment approach means you can trust me during our journey of discovery and feel completely at ease.

Continuous Learner. I’m always thirsty for knowledge and I love to spend my spare time learning, reading and researching about my topics of interest – I’m a nerd!

Unique Background in Business and Psychology. I’ve got two bachelor degrees in Science (psychology) and Commerce (finance) and a Master degree in Applied Finance. (Yuuuup. Told you I’m a nerd!).

Clara Chung Business Strategy Coach -98- Prosper with your passion

One day I made the decision to walk away from a life of unfulfilment to create a better life for myself. Now I get to wake up each day feeling excited about what each day brings. I get to feel successful knowing that I love what I do by helping others succeed.

Now it's your turn!

Clara Chung embodies everything I needed and I still want in a business coach and mentor. I trusted Clara from day one. Clara draws from a very diverse toolbox in wellness, business and financial strategy, sales, marketing and branding and lights up when we work on my coaching business together. It is exciting for both of us to connect in each session. I am very particular about choosing who I partner with in life and in business. I also believe that in order to make money, I have to invest money in myself. My work with Clara has been one of the very top and crucial investments in my career as a coach.


— Sonia E, Certified Co-Active Coach
Dubai, UAE